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Extended ping and trace route

Extended Ping & Trace Route Instructions

In situations where timeout or connection issues are experienced, it may be helpful to run an extended ping (>100 pings) to see whether the some packets are dropped. This will create a text file in the current directory that can be emailed to you.

Extended Ping Instructions

  1. Open a command window from Windows Start > Run > CMD and then hit the Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. Type "CD Desktop” and then hit Enter.
  3. Enter the following text: ping -n 100 > apxt_ping_results.txt and hit Enter.
  4. The results from this extended ping test will be in a text file on your desktop called apxt_ping_results.txt

Trace Route Instructions

  1. In a Command window (you may use the same one you used in the above instructions for the extended ping), enter the following text: tracert > apxt_tracert_results.txt
  2. Hit Enter
  3. The results from this trace route test will be in a text file on your desktop called apxt_tracert_results.txt
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