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Conga Support

Logging in one Salesforce instance per browser

Conga recommends logging into only one Salesforce instance and as one user per internet browser. This behavior optimizes Conga product configuration and data merging, ensuring correct results. If logging into multiple Salesforce instances or as multiple users is required, run each different instance and/or user in a unique browser. For example, Google Chrome runs the production instance while Firefox runs the sandbox instance.

Many Salesforce customers run multiple instances (production, sandbox, dev) of Salesforce in order to properly maintain production data while also running tests. Similarly, many system administrators will utilize the Salesforce function to log in as other users in order to troubleshoot those users' issues.

While these are useful Salesforce features, they can wreak havoc on Conga product configuration. Some of the issues that can result when logged into multiple Salesforce instances within the same browser or logged in as multiple users within the same browser are:

  • incorrect data merging to documents

  • incorrect user data

  • inconsistent privileges (access to reports, objects, etc.)

  • difficulty configuring OAuth tokens