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Remote sites error in Solution Manager


If Remote Sites are activated while multiple instances of Salesforce are open it is possible for the wrong Remote Sites to be saved.  If that happens, you will receive the following error:

What to Do
  1. Open Conga Solution Setup in one tab, and Salesforce Setup in another.
  2. In Salesforce Setup, search for "Remote" and click on Remote Site Settings.
  3. Make sure the Remote Sites in Conga Solution Setup match the Remote Sites in Salesforce Setup (see below).


  1. If they do not match, click Edit next to the Remote Site link in Salesforce Setup (in the image above on the right) and copy the Remote Site URL from Conga Solution Setup into the Remote Site URL field (see image below).

  1. Click Save.
  2. After updating all four Remote Sites, try updating the Conga Solution record again.