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Template is not populating in template list in the dialog box


Often times, the system administrator can see and access Conga Templates just fine but some or all of the end-users cannot. 

  You must have a Conga user license to use Conga Composer. You will need to assign all of your users to a Conga user license so that your users can access and use Conga Composer. For further information, see this article on Conga Composer user management.


Check the following items to troubleshoot this issue:

  • Is Conga Template Manager enabled?

Conga Setup > Basic tab > Conga Template Manager

  • Ensure your version (either V4 or V5) of the Conga Template Manager is enabled. Note, do not check the box for both versions they do not work at the same time.

  • Is the Conga Template object deployed?

Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Create > Object > Conga Template > Deployment Status

  • Deployment Status must be "Deployed" in order for non-System Administrator users to access the object
  • User's Profile permissions

Salesforce Setup > Administration Setup > Manage Users > Profiles

The user's profile must have at least “Read” access to the Conga Template object (under Custom Object Permissions)

  • Does the user have access to the fields on the Conga Template object?

Salesforce Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > Conga Template > Custom Fields & Relationships

Each field on the Conga Template object must be at least "Visible" (optionally, it can also be "Read-Only") to the user's profile

Click on a Field Label, then click the Set Field-Level Security button to view the level of access that each profile has for that field (you'll need to do this for every field on the Conga Template object)

  • Are Sharing Settings being used?

Salesforce Setup > Administration Setup > Security Controls > Sharing Settings > Conga Template

Conga Template object needs to be set to “Public Read Only” or “Public Read/Write” (NOT “Private”)

  • Is Template Group being used?

Using the &TemplateGroup parameter in your composer button URL will limit the list of templates that are displayed on the Conga Composer dialog box to only those that contain the specified Tempate Group.