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Configuring Box with Conga Composer

You can configure Box to work with Conga Composer by following the steps below.

To use Box in an automated fashion with Conga Composer, you will also need to create and save a Box token.

To configure Box with Conga Composer:

For proper integration, you need to send collaborator invites to users from so the Salesforce integration can properly manage permissions. See for instructions on sending collaborator invitations.

You also need to Configure Page Layouts for Use with Box.

  1. Log in to a account which has access to the Admin Console.

  2. Click Admin Console in the top left.

  3. Click on the two heads (Users and Groups) icon.

  4. Click on +Users.

  5. Enter a Name and Email.

    It is essential that the email for this user and the email of the main account are different.

    You might want to indicate in the Name that this is the non-admin account. For example: Bobby NonAdmin.

  6. Click Add User.
  7. Install Box from the AppExchange.

  8. After Box is installed, in Salesforce, click All Tabs, then Box Settings.

  9. Make sure you are logged in as your Admin user. Then, on the Box Settings page, click Box API Admin Login .

  10. On the next page, click Grant access to Box.

    (If prompted, enter the credentials for your Admin user and click Authorize.)

    You will be taken back to the Box Settings page.

  11. Type a name (Composer Documents, for example) and click Create Root Folder to create the root folder for this organization.

  12. Log out of your Admin account .

  13. Log into your Non Admin Account.

  14. Switch back to

  15. Click on To begin, Connect with your Company Box Account.

  16. Click Grant access to Box in the pop up window.
  17. Click Save Settings.

 If your Box account does not have external links to files enabled, you cannot be redirected to the Box document after the merge. To enable this setting go to Box Account settings > set Enable external links. Select Files Only or Folders and Files. 


Warning, Conga Composer cannot overwrite existing folders in your Box Interface.

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