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Configuring eSignLive with Conga Composer

eSignLive by Vasco is an electronic signature service that allows you to easily and securely sign Composer documents over the internet. You can configure eSignLive to work with Conga Composer.

Pre-requisites for eSignLive and Composer integration: Install the latest eSignLive for Salesforce package from the Appexchange. Once it is installed, ensure that eSignLive is connected by navigating to the eSignLive Admin tab in Salesforce and logging in with your ESignLive credentials.

To integrate eSignLive with Composer:

  1. Go to and click eSignLive Login to log in to your account.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click Integration.
  4. Copy the API Key.
  5. Go to the Composer Setup tab in Salesforce 
  6. Click into the Integration Partners tab
  7. Click on the eSignLive tab. 
  8. Enter the API Key in the eSignLive API Key field.
  9. Select a eSignLive Endpoint from the dropdown menu. Ensure that the endpoint URL matches the eSignLive endpoint that is connected on the eSignLive Admin tab.
  10. Click Save Changes.
  11. Add the following parameters to a Composer solution. For more information, see Adding Parameters to a Solution
  12. Conga Composer is now integrated with eSignLive and ready for use.