• Create Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides with Composer
  • Store any generated output file (Microsoft Office, PDF or Google Docs/Sheets/Slides) directly in Google Drive
  • Create templates in Google Drive (which must then be downloaded as Microsoft Office file type before being uploaded to Salesforce to use as a Conga Template)
To use Google Drive with Conga Composer, ensure that Google Drive is deployed in your Google account. The first time you run a Conga Composer solution using the Google integration, you are prompted to login to your Google account and allow Conga to access Google Drive to store your documents. 

Google Drive Integration Parameters

Parameter Behavior
&GoogleVisible=1 Enables Google as an output option on the Conga Composer user interface
&SC0=[0 or 1] Enables the Save a Copy feature
  • 0 =  Save a Copy is disabled (default)
  • 1 = Save a Copy is enabled
& SC1=Google Defines Google Drive as the location where a copy of the merged output file will be stored

&DS7=9 Conga Composer’s Background Mode is enabled and the merged document (Microsoft Office version) is saved to Google Drive
&DS7=19 Conga Composer’s Background Mode is enabled and the merged document (Google Docs version) is saved to Google Drive

Output File Path

Specifies the file path within Google Drive where the merged output files will be saved. Each folder name should be separated with a forward slash “/”

&GoogleVisible=1  or  &SC1=Google

This example would create a folder named with the Opportunity Name nested inside a folder called “Corporate Docs”

By default Conga Composer will create a folder in Google Drive called Conga Documents if the OFP parameter is not used. 

  Google Team Drives is not supported with the OFP parameter.