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Setup the Sertifi Integration

Pre-requisite: Install Sertifi for Salesforce from the AppExchange.

Create a New Sertifi Account

  1. Navigate to the Sertifi Getting Started tab
  2. Input a value for the Account Title field
  3. Input a value for the Account URL field

sertifi 1.jpg

  1. Copy your API Code – you will need it in the next step.
  2. Navigate to Setup->Develop->Custom Settings.
  3. Find the Sertifi Application Settings and click Manage.
  4. Edit the custom setting called Settings.
  5. Find the APICode field and paste your API Code from Step 4.

sertifi 2.jpg

  1. Click Save.

Integrate with Composer

After your Sertifi account is setup, you are ready to integrate it with your Composer solution.  This is done using Sertifi Integration parameters.

For example, if you want to specify the recipient of the merged document to be delivered via Sertifi, you would add the &SertifiSign1Email parameter to the Composer button URL, as shown below:




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