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Adding a File Name to a Conga Sign Transaction Related List

You can add the file name to the Conga Sign Transaction Related List.

To add the File Name to a Transaction Related List on the Opportunity object:

The following instructions use the Process Builder in the example. Conga does not support Process Builder.

  1. Create a text field on the Opportunity object, for example: test_field__c  (The Conga Composer MFTS parameter writes the OFN parameter to the text field when merged.)
  2. Create a text field on the Conga Sign Transaction object, for example: Field Name – File_name_via_PB__c (The field is populated by the Process Builder.)
  3. Add the File_name_via_PB__c field to the Conga Sign Transaction Related List on the Opportunity page layout.
  4. Setup a Composer and Conga Sign button. Use the MFTS0 parameter to update the test_field__c in the button URL. You must use the same value in the OFN parameter and the MFTSValue0 parameter.
  5. Setup a Process Builder. Locate the Process Builder form the Quick Find search.

Sample button URL














6. Select  New.

7. Add a Process Name and select A record changes from The process starts when drop-down menu. Click Save.

8. Click + Add Object. Select Conga Sign Transaction from the Object menu.

9. Select only when a record is created from the Start the process option and then click Save.

10. Click the + Add Criteria Name and fill out the Criteria Name field.

11. Set the Criteria for Executing Action field to Conditions are met. 

12. In the Set Conditions section, click the Lookup icon and then click the dropdown arrow. Select Parent_006__c and then click Choose.

13. Change the Operator field value to Is Null and change the Value field value to False

14 Set the Conditions field to All of the conditions are met and click Save.

15. Add a Criteria Name. Select No Criteria from the Criteria for Executing Actions option.

16. Click Add Action. Select Set Action Type to Update Records

17. Provide an Action Name. Select the Conga Sign Transaction Record Type. Choose Select the APXT_CongaSign__Transaction__c record that started the process.

18. Select the Criteria for Updating Records. Set the values for the field you want updated. Select Activate.

19. Launch the Composer button. Go through the steps to Merge Conga Sign.