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Formatting Currency Values on a Dynamic, Record-by-Record Basis

Let’s say we’re creating a quote from an Opportunity and we’d like format currency values based on a field in the Opportunity.  Here’s how:

Create a picklist field on the Opportunity to contain the culture choices.  Let’s call the field Culture. In this example, let’s use the following choices:

Insert the CurrencyCulture parameter into the Conga Composer URL:


Format the currency fields in your Word template using the “\# Currency” picture switch:

{ MERGEFIELD Opportunity_LineItem_SalesPrice \# Currency }

These settings would result in output such as:




Disable Wrap Text in cells that use Currency formatting to keep the value and the symbol on the same line.

Table > Table Properties > Cell > Options > Uncheck Wrap Text. Also view: Dynamic template selection using Salesforce formula field