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How Do I Take an Existing Button or Link and Convert it to a Solution Manager Solution?

     This feature is not supported in Conga Composer version 8.10 and above.

 Must have Conga Solution Manager installed in your Salesforce Org. To get Conga Solution Manager, upgrade to the latest release of Conga Composer.

You'll need to create a custom setting entry and enable it. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Setup and search for Custom Settings under Develop.
  2. Click Manage next to Conga Solutions Settings and then click New.
  3. Call it PROD, check the box and leave the endpoint URL alone.
  4. Save that and navigate to the Conga Solutions Setup tab.

There will now be a new page below the Remote Sites that allows you to pick buttons and create solutions (see image below).

When you find the Conga buttons, just click Create Solution and Update the button. Now the button is part of a Conga Solutions record and can be managed with Solution Manager.

 To work properly, the button you are converting has to be a valid solution with good ids, etc.  Also, it can not be a Composer Release 7 button (i.e. one that points to appextremes in the URL).  Lastly, any queries created in the Release 7 Query Manager must be copied to the newer Query Manager (the one that is part of the Composer Release 8 package).

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