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Creating a Home Page Link for Conga Composer in Salesforce Classic

This works well for Conga Composer version 7. For Composer version 8, try using Solution Manager.

Conga Composer can be launched from a custom link on the Home page. This is a particularly useful approach when reporting on organization-wide data, and not creating a document that relates to one particular Salesforce record.

Create a custom link on the Homepage

  1. Navigate to Setup > Build > Customize > Home > Custom Links.
  2. Click New to create a new custom link. Label it according to the solution you're running (e.g. Weekly Sales Report).
  3. Choose "Display in new window" for the Behavior.
  4. Select "URL" for the Content Source.
  5. Enter the URL for your custom link, including parameters to customize the behavior and data retrieved.
  6. Enter the Conga Composer base URL. This may be copied from any Conga Composer button or link.
  7. Change the value for your &Id= parameter to the {!User.Id} merge field. Running Conga Composer from a Home Page Link results in no Master Object, so we use the User ID of the running user as the Master Object instead. 

Reference reports or queries in your home page link, but be aware of what values you’re passing to the filters on each. The addition of "?pv0=" after each report or query ID prevents Conga Composer from passing any values to the report and query filters.

The &OCNR parameter is very useful for home page links. If this parameter is not included, the user is redirected to the master object record when the Composer window is closed. For home page links, the Master Object is the User detail page (see number 7 above for further information). Using &OCNR=1 will override that behavior and prevents the redirect so that the user will remain on the Salesforce Home page after the merge process runs.

  1. Click Save.

Create a Home Page Custom Component

  1. Navigate to Setup > Build > Customize > Home > Home Page Components.
  2. Name your custom component and select “Links” for the Type.
  3. Select the custom link that you just created and click Add to move it to the list of “Custom Links to Show.” Click Save.
  4. Add the Custom Component to the Home Page Layout by navigating to Setup > Build > Customize > Home > Home Page Layouts.
  5. Edit your desired home page layout, and then select the checkbox for your new custom component in the “Select Narrow Components to Show” section. Click Next.
  6. Arrange the order of the components (how they will display vertically in the sidebar of the Home page), then Click Save.

Ensure that the correct users have access to the Home page layout that houses your new Conga Composer custom link.