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How to include Dashboard graphics in a Conga Composer merge document

 For Salesforce Lightning, you must complete the following steps in Salesforce Classic and then merge the Classic Dashboard element in a Lightning button. Dashboard images merge in PPTX templates if the photoURL field is on the master object only. Also, only internal users can see these images due to the nature of the dashboard images in Salesforce (which are formula fields, not hard-coded image files).

You can include an image from a dashboard in a Conga Composer merge document by using an IMAGE: field.

IMAGE special merge fields are supported in Word and PPTX templates. (The instructions below are for Firefox, which is easier to use for accomplishing this task).

  1. Open the Dashboard. Right-click on the dashboard metric that you want to use. Select Copy Image Location.
  2. Create a long text area field in Salesforce in which to store this value.
  3. The value you copied in step 1 can now be pasted into this long text area field on a record.
  4. Use an IMAGE: merge field to grab the value of the URL.