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Lightning Readiness Items for Conga Composer

The following items must be addressed to make your Conga Composer solutions Lightning Ready.  Use the navigation in this window to walk through the steps.


Item What to Do
Configure Conga Composer as a Connected Apps
Non-OAuth Conga buttons Convert non-OAuth buttons to OAuth; configure Composer as a Connected App.
Reports used to gather data for Conga templates Convert these reports to queries.
Templates Converting reports to queries results in new field naming convention; all templates should be reviewed
Home Page Composer links Move to Global Merge record or use the Utility Builder to design a new layout.
JavaScript Buttons (such as Composer or Conga Batch List View Buttons) Choose a different implementation technique or engage Conga Services to build a custom solution.
Composer User Permission Set Assign the Composer User Permission Set to Conga Composer users. 


As each Composer implementation is unique, additional steps might be required to make your specific Composer solution Lightning ready.