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Configuring the Connected App Settings for Composer for Salesforce1

In order to use Composer for Salesforce1, you must assign access to the Conga Composer® SF1 Connected App for specific Salesforce® users or profiles. 

To Configure Composer for Salesforce1:

  1. Navigate to Setup>Administer>Manage Apps>Connected Apps>Conga Composer SF1.

  2. Edit the record and change OAuth policies-Permitted Users to Admin approved users are pre-authorized.

  3. Save changes.

  4. Assign the desired profiles to the Connected App or create a Permission Set and assign that to the desired user(s).

    Assigning profiles to the connected app or creating a permission set is required in order to use Composer for Salesforce1.

Now enable access to the app for non-Admin users.

To enable access to non-admin users:

  1. Navigate to Installed Packages.

  2. Navigate to the Conga Composer installed package.

  3. Click Configure.

  4. On the Basic tab in the Offline Access area, click Create Salesforce Token (or Update Salesforce Token if already created).

A button or link does not have to be on a page layout in order to access it in Salesforce1.