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Conga Support

Supported Functionality in Composer for Salesforce1


Conga® Email Templates (CETs) and Salesforce® Email Templates are supported.

SendGrid® is supported.

During the sending process, the user does not have access to the email editor.


Auto-delivery is recommended.

Adobe eSign® Agreement Templates are supported.

Supported vs. Unsupported Objects

Global Actions are not supported on all Standard Salesforce objects. Since you need to add the Conga Composer® global publisher action to the object page layout, Composer for SF1 will only work on the following:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Case
  • Contact
  • Custom objects
  • Group
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Quote
  • Orders

Composer for SF1 does not work on the following Objects:

  • Contracts
  • Products

Lightning Components

Composer for SF1 does not work when lightning components are enabled.

Storing in Salesforce

Below is a table that outlines how well Salesforce1 handles each method to store and what is recommended when setting up a Composer for Salesforce1 solution.


Notes & Attachments
(applies to any use of &SC1=Attachments)

Well supported in Salesforce1

Best Practice to use Chatter to store in Salesforce when using Composer for Salesforce1

Files can be downloaded to your mobile device

Not well supported in Salesforce1

No capability to download PDF or .docx files on mobile devices

Google Integration

If Google Drive® is going to be used, a refresh token must be set up.

To set up Google Drive Integration:

  1. Click Integration Partners.

  2. Select the Google Drive tab.

  3. Click Update Google Token.

  4. Navigate to the Conga Composer Setup tab.
  5. Follow the steps to update the token.