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Configure the Composer Lightning Component for Salesforce Mobile

Configure the Composer Lightning Component as a Global Action to easily generate documents from Salesforce Mobile. Initiating the Composer Lightning Component from a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile allows users to easily generate files from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Follow the steps below to configure and use the Composer Lightning Component as a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile. For more information about the Composer Lightning Component, see Composer Lightning Component

  The Lightning Component's Global Action works in both Salesforce Mobile and Lightning.


Configure the Lightning Component as a Global Action

  1. Navigate to an existing Conga Solution Collection.
  2. Toggle Set As Salesforce1 Collection to Yes
  3. Navigate to Salesforce Setup. 
  4. Search for Global Actions in the Quick Find Search Box and click Global Actions.
  5. Click New Action to create a new Global Action. 
    • Choose Lightning_Component for the Action Type field value. 
    • Choose APXTConga4:CongaComposerForSf1 for the Lightning Component field value.
    • Fill out the Label and Name fields to name the Global Action.
    • Click Save.
  6. Navigate back to Salesforce Setup and click Object Manager under the Objects and Fields section.
  7. Click the Conga Solution Collection's corresponding object in the Object Manager.
    • For example, if the Conga Solution is built for the Account object, click the Account object in the Object Manager.
  8. Click Page Layouts.
  9. In the Object Layout menu, click Mobile & Lightning Actions
  10. Drag the new Global Action onto the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions page layout.
  11. Click Save.

Initiate the Lightning Component From a Global Action in Salesforce Mobile

  1. Navigate to an object record in Salesforce Mobile where the Composer Lightning Component's Global Action is present.
  2. Click the recently created Global Action to initiate and access the Composer Lightning Component.
  3. Choose the desired Solution from the Solution Collection to launch Composer through the Composer Lightning Component.