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Conga Composer URL Examples

Sometimes it’s helpful to see a complete Conga Composer® URL to fully comprehend how to assemble various parameters.  Here are three examples.  The base button URL is shown in gray text; the parameters examples are shown in green.

This button URL includes parameters that enable PDF encryption (ps0=1) and PDF printing (ps1=1). Additional parameters disable the Log Activity button (ds3=1), set the template (TemplateId), and lock the template choice (ds4=1) so that the end-user can't override it.

These examples use non-OAuth buttons.  In Salesforce Lightning, you must use OAuth buttons.
&Id={!Contact.Id }

Multiple reports

This URL includes four reports (ReportId) with aliases, specifies a template (TemplateId), and completes an Email To field (EmailToId) dynamically using the record's field content.

Background Mode 

This example URL includes a report (filtered by the Account ID), specifies a template (TemplateId), enables the Background Mode that attaches the document (ds7=1), and forces the output to Adobe Acrobat® format (fp0=1).