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Conga Support

Adding Reports

Specifying reports in your Conga Composer® solution allows you to gather data in addition to the Master Object data for use in the merge process.

The Conga® Solution Report Screen


The Select a Report area displays a list of all reports available to add to your solution.
Once you select a report, the Report Name and Report ID fields automatically populate. Add an Alias (required) and a Description (optional).

Solution Manager shows all reports in your instance, including those saved into the Conga Composer Reports folder.

2 Click Return to Solution Record to close the Add Reports screen and return to the solution record.
3 Click Add Report to Solution Record to add a selected report to the solution.

(Optional) Click Advanced Filter Configuration to add advanced filters (pv0, pv1, pv2) to the selected report.

By default, Conga Composer will pass the Master Object ID to the first filter on the report.

5 The Create New Report button opens Salesforce reports in a new window, allowing you to create a report on the fly , if needed.
6 All reports that have been added to the solution appear in the Selected Reports area.