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Add Advanced Filter Configuration for a Report Entry in Solution Manager

You can enable advanced filters (pv values) in reports using Solution Manager.

To enable advanced filter configuration in a report:

  1. Click Advanced Filter Configuration.

    The page will refresh and Advanced Filter Configuration will become available under Reports.

    Be aware of the filters in your selected report and ensure that these same filters are added as pv values in the Solution Manager. If the filters in the report and filters in Solution Manager do not match exactly then the solution will not work correctly.

  2. Click the field name you want added to the pv0 Value field.

    1. The field will flash green indicating the selected MergeField has been added to that filter.

    2. The pv value fields are added in the order that you click them.

      For example, the first click populates pv0 Value, second click populates pv1 Value, and so on.)

      It is important to click fields in the order that you want them to populate the corresponding value.

    More than one parameter value (pv) is rarely used except in very advanced solutions.

  3. Click Add Report to add the report to your solution.

    The report you added appears in the Selected Reports section.