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Add an Existing Template to a Solution using Solution Manager

You can add new or existing templates to your solution. If the template exists, you need only select it and assign an alias to the template. If the template you need doesn't exist, you can create one within Solution Manager.

To add an existing template to a solution using Solution Manager:

Before You Begin: You must have a solution record created and open.

  1. In Solution Manager, click Add Templates.

    The Conga® Solution template screen appears. All available templates appear in the list.

  2. Click a template to select it.

    The template name and ID appear in the boxes to the right. 

  3. (Optional) In the Description field, type a text description of the template.

  4. Click Add Conga Template to Solution Record.

    Solution Manager adds the template to the record. The template appears in the Selected Templates area. 

  5. Click Return to Solution Record.

  6. Click Update Button to add your changes to the current button URL.