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Add a New Conga Email Template to a Solution using Solution Manager

If a solution created using Solution Manager requires a new HTML email template, you can create one within Solution Manager.

To create a new Conga® email template using Solution Manager:

Before You Begin: You must have a solution record created and open.

  1. On the Conga Solution screen, click Add Conga Email Template.

    The Conga Solution Email Template screen appears.

  2. On the Conga Solution Email Template screen, click Create New Conga Email Template Record.

    The Conga Email Template Edit screen opens in a new window.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the email template.

  4. (Optional) In the Template Group field, enter the name of the template group containing this template.

  5. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a description of the template.

  6. (Optional) If you want to store the body of the template as an attachment rather than a rich-text field, select the Use attachment for template body box.

  7. In the Email Content area, in the Subject field, enter a text string that will become the subject line of the merged email.

    You can include dynamic content in the Subject field.

    Invoice for {{OPPORTUNITY_NAME}}

  8. In the HTML Body field, enter the contents of the body of the email.

    You can use text formatting and attach images and files by using the text formatting tools in the HTML Body toolbar.


    In the Text Body field, type body text without using rich-text editing tools.

  9. Click Save to save the template.

  10. Close the window to return to the Conga Solution Email Template screen.

  11. Select the template from the All Available Conga Email Templates table and click Add Conga Email Template to Solution Record to add the template to the solution.

  12. (Optional) Click Update Button to add your changes to the current button URL.