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The Conga Solution Parameter Screen

Parameters allow users to customize the behavior of their solutions.

The Conga® Solution Parameter Screen

1 Parameter name, value, and description. The name field (and in some cases, the value field) auto-fills after you select a parameter.  A value is required; description is optional
2 Returns you to the solution record. (Click this after you have added the parameters you want.)
3 Adds the parameter/value pair to the solution's button URL. (Click this after each parameter you add.)
4 Displays a list of fields from the master object so that you can use a dynamic value for the parameter.

Displays a list of Conga Composer® parameters, organized by category.

  • Use the search field to quickly locate a parameter by name, function, or keyword.
  • Click the plus sign The plus sign button to expand the list of parameters within a category. (Click again to collapse the list.)
  • Click a parameter to view details in the right pane.
6 Click to select a parameter and auto-fill the parameter name field (and a default value, if applicable).

Displays the parameter description.

Auto-populates after a parameter is selected. You can also type additional information and notes here; after the parameter is added to the solution, this information is available in the Selected Parameters area.

Description information is not added to the URL.

8 The Selected Composer Parameters area displays a list of parameters that have been added to the solution.