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Add or Remove Buttons on Page Layouts

You can add an existing Solution Manager button to a page layout. You can also remove buttons from page layouts.

To add or remove a Solution Manager button on a page layout:

Before You Begin: You must have a solution record open with a button created.

  1. In Solution Manager, click Manage Page Layouts.

  2. In the Available Page Layouts area, select a page layout to add the solution button to it.

    You can add buttons to more than one page layout.

    Click Select All to add the button to all available layouts.

    Select a box to add the button to the associated page layout.

  3. Click Add to Selected Layout(s) to add the selected buttons to the layout.


    Click Remove from Selected Layout(s) to remove the buttons from the layout.

    A confirmation screen appears. 

  4. (Optional) Click Return to Solution Record.