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Best Practice for Editing a Button in Solution Manager

When you need to make changes to the button or add to or remove components from your solution, use the Update Button to save those changes.

As you are making updates and changes, you can view the solution as it is being built in the Button Syntax & Test Launcher section by looking at the Button Configuration in Progress area.

Whenever you update a button, a record of the previous button is added to the Button/ Formula Archive section.

This section retains a history of all button URL’s changed in Solution Manager.

Solution Manager is not bi-directional. While the Current Button Configuration in Solution Manager will always display the actual button configuration, any changes made directly in button URL will not push back into Solution Manager. As soon as you click Update Button in Solution Manager this will override any changes made directly to the button URL.

We recommend as a best practice that the Salesforce URL for the button or link be copy/pasted into the Description field of the Solution Manager record.

If changes have been made directly to the button URL in Buttons, Links and Actions, an informative message appears when the record is accessed in Solution Manager:

This message serves as an indicator that the button URL has changed outside of the Solution Manager. This message disappears after the button has been updated in Solution Manager.