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Conga Support

About the Conga Solution Query Screen

In addition to using Salesforce® reports to gather information from Salesforce, you may also use SOQL Queries stored in the Conga® Query Manager. 

1 A list of all queries available to add to your solution. Queries are stored in and retrieved from the Conga Query Manager.
2 Click Return to Solution Record to close the Add Queries screen and return to the solution record.
3 Click Add Conga Query to Solution Record to add a selected query to the solution.

Once you select a query, the Query Name and Query ID fields auto-populate.

Add an Alias (required) and a Description (optional).

5 (Optional) Click Advanced Filter Configuration to add advanced filters (pv0, pv1, pv2) to the selected query.
6 (Optional) Click the Create New Conga Query button to open the Conga Query Manager in a new window, allowing you to create an ad-hoc query.