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Conga Support

Using Solution Manager with Salesforce Professional Edition

 Not all features are available in the Professional Edition license of Salesforce®. Professional Edition users do not have access to creating the button and adding it to a Page Layout. However, you can build the button syntax and then copy and paste it into the button created on the Master Object. Thus, you will be creating a solution with the Solution Manager and then manually creating a Conga button. For more information about this process, see Create a Conga Composer Solution Manually. This edition does not support the Solution Wizard.

Below are actions that you can perform using the available buttons:

1 Save: Saves the solution from Solution Manager.
2 Delete: Deletes the solution from Solution Manager. This will delete only the Solution Manager record, not the button or the button URL from the Buttons, Links and Actions menu on your Master Object.
3 Create Solution : Creates a new solution.