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About Solution Packs

Solution Packs are a great way to get a solution up and running in minutes. They are pre-built solutions that gather the necessary data (using reports and queries), output into a custom template (which you can customize with your logo, font choice, and so on), and have parameters applied to provide functionality depending on the solution you're running.

Simply install the Solution Pack, unpack the solutions, add your logo and styles to the included template, and then add the button to a page layout.

Or, use them as a training tool or to get a head start... then use Solution Manager to customize and expand the functionality of these solutions.

We currently offer the following solution packs:


  • Account Brief (Account)
  • Invoice (Opportunity)
  • Proposal (Opportunity)


  • DocuSign Contract (Opportunity)
  • DocuSign Quote (Opportunity)

Adobe eSign®

  • Adobe eSign Contract (Opportunity)
  • Adobe eSign Quote (Opportunity)
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