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Install a Solution Pack

You can install a Solution Pack in an organization that has Conga Composer® version 8.7 or above.

To install a Solution Pack:

Before You Begin: You must have Conga Composer Release 8.7 or newer and be logged into Salesforce® .

  1. Navigate to the installation link for the Solution Pack you want to install.

    We currently offer the following solution packs:


    • Account Brief (Account)
    • Invoice (Opportunity)
    • Proposal (Opportunity)


    • DocuSign Contract (Opportunity)
    • DocuSign Quote (Opportunity)

    Adobe eSign®

    • Adobe eSign Contract (Opportunity)
    • Adobe eSign Quote (Opportunity)
  • On the Install Composer Solution Pack screen, select Install for All Users and click Install.

    The installer installs the Solution Pack.

    1 Choose Install for All Users (you can modify these settings later).  
    2 Install and Cancel buttons.
    3 Version name and number of the installation package.
    4 Click to view components installed with the solution pack.
  • On the Installation Complete screen, click Unpack Composer Solutions to unpack all solutions.


    Clear check boxes for any solutions you do not want to install, and then click Unpack Composer Solutions to install the selected solutions. 

  • Click Add Remote Site to add a required remote site. 

  • After installing the remote site, close the tab.

  • Click Create Composer Buttons

  • On the Installation Complete! screen, click Done

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