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CipherCloud for Salesforce

This page applies to: Conga Composer Enterprise Edition

CipherCloud™ for Salesforce addresses data privacy, residency, security, and compliance concerns so that organizations can confidently deploy Salesforce, applications, and Chatter.

The CipherCloud solution understands Salesforce metadata and provides organizations with the ability to easily tag any standard and custom fields, files, and attachments as sensitive. Once configured, the CipherCloud solution secures this data and prevents it from being accessed by unauthorized users, while working seamlessly with Salesforce.

This revolutionary technology, based on function-preserving encryption and advanced tokenization, provides full protection and control, and allows customers to retain complete control over keys. The solution is transparent to the end user, and all native Salesforce functionality, such as searching and sorting, is preserved.

CipherCloud is available separately on the AppExchange. You must subscribe to that service to make use of this integration.