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Setup and Configure External Data Sources

This page applies to: Conga Composer Enterprise Edition

This article explains setting up and configuring Composer for use with your external data sources.

  1. Log into Salesforce and navigate to the Conga Composer Setup tab.
  2. Click the External Data Sources tab.
  3. Click Create new connection
  4. Select Basic or No Auth from the Authorization Type: drop down list.
    Note: The “Oauth” Authorization type is not yet supported.
  5. Enter the following information for your OData connection:

    Alias: The name you’ll use to reference this OData connection in your Composer template. Alphanumeric characters, no spaces. (Referenced later as ExternalConnection)

    Authorization Type: “Basic” authorization requires the Username and Password to your OData connection. The username and password will resolve into a Basic Authorization base64 header in the HTTP request to the endpoint. The header parameter will look like: Authorization=Basic {base64EndcodedKey}

    No Auth requires only the endpoint and will not use any authorization method. Regardless of Authorization Type, all requests from Conga Composer to your OData endpoint will be secured over HTTPS.

    Endpoint: The url to your OData source. (Example: https://<your-domain>.com/yourODataEndpoint/)

  6. Click Save.

Repeat steps 3 – 6 for each external data source.

Additional data sources can be added at a later time.