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Conga Batch Batch Operation verse Global Merge Operation: What's the Difference?

Conga Batch Batch

Formula on Object, started life as a “button” i.e. record based merge

Distributed or Batch

•Can use AC, SC and MFTS on ALL records

•Download or SendEmail or Docusign, etc

•Common use case: weekly Invoice reminder, upcoming renewals

•Advantage: customer can Download ONE document AND update all child records

•customer can send high quality Invoices to 1000 records at a time, via email

•Not useful as a One Email, Executive Summary report

•ONE document, i.e. a Batch document, must be limited to 50 records

•A distributed (i.e. email) output is up to {ConductorDistributed}} records

•Can be a ListView

•Each record = One Service Event, even if it’s a consolidated output equals multiple service events


Global Merge

Formula on Global Merge, started life as Pipeline, Org Wide report

Batch Only, typically created as a Summary report, ONE email

•Usually just Download or Email

•Very useful as a Executive Summary, can be sent to Board@mycompany

•These are often scheduled, weekly reports

•5 Salespeople, 5 Conga Batches, “weekly Sales status”

•Useful to combine a LOT of individual Salesforce reports into ONE Word or Excel doc

•Several 1000 rows per report are ok because we’re just merging a report into a document

•Cannot update individual records so you won’t be able to use AC, SC, MFTS on those Accts, Opptys, whatever


Instead of this:

"&QueryID=[Revenue]a0336000000ELxK" + 


You must do this:  

"&QueryID=[Rev]a0336000000ELxK?pv0=" + 


•Each Operation is just one service event, even with 1000 rows in report

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