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Choose How to Launch Conga Batch

There are two different ways to launch Conga Conductor – either through a Conga Conductor record or a List View Button. You might configure some Conductor operations to be launched by a Conga Conductor record and others by a List View button, and each method has its advantages and limitations.

Launching from a Conga Batch Record

This method allows you to select the records to include in your batch using a Salesforce report or SOQL query.  It also allows you to schedule your Conductor batch to run on a schedule with no user interaction.  This method is preferred if you want to schedule your batches to run with no user interaction.

Launching from a List View Button

This method allows you to manually select which records to include in your batch (up to 75 records).  You can choose to add the List View button to a Search Layout or to an Object Page Layout, letting user choose the records from a List View or a Related List.

Other Considerations

If your output method is an immediate download as a single PDF or .zip file (consolidated output), your batch is limited to 50 records regardless of which launch option (above) you choose.

If you are emailing the output (known as distributed output), sending for eSignature, or storing in another location (like Saleforce or Google Drive, you can include up to 1000 records in a batch (if launching the solution from a Conductor record).

These considerations can help you decide how to launch your Conductor solution.

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