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Conga Support

Important Note about Professional Edition

The Next Run Date and Schedule Description fields (API field names APXT_BPM__Next_Run_Date__c and APXT_BPM__Schedule_Description__c) must be included on the Conga Batch page layout for Professional Edition instances.  If these fields are not included on the Conga Batch page layout, Conga Batch will not be able to write to them and therefore the scheduled Conga Batch solution will not process. 

To configure Conga Batch to run on a scheduled basis:

  1. Click the Conga Batch Setup tab and enable the Scheduled Conga Batch Master Switch.

  2. Click Save Changes.

  3. In Conga Batch Setup, click Create Salesforce Token

    Scheduled Conga Batch will run under the authority of whoever is logged in and clicks the Create Salesforce Token button so ensure it is an appropriate user (typically one with the System Administrator profile). Scheduled Conga Batch operations run according to the time zone of the user specified in the Salesforce Refresh Token. Each user is allowed four Salesforce Refresh Tokens per connected app.  Therefore, a small risk exists that the token saved for Conga Batch will expire due to an excess number of subsequent tokens.  This scenario is very likely if Salesforce credentials are shared amongst many people or if one user utilizes multiple internet browsers to create Refresh Tokens.

  4. A dialog box appears requesting permission for Conga Composer to access the Salesforce instance – click Allow

 This is Salesforce’s OAuth (open authorization) feature and creates the Salesforce refresh token for Conga Batch. While the token is created under the Conga Composer name, the configuration is for Conga Batch. The refresh token allows Conga Batch to access Salesforce (only the Conga Batch components) on this user’s behalf in order to run the scheduled Conga Batch batches. This dialog may not appear if the Conga-recommended method of configuring Conga Composer as “Admin approved users are pre-authorized” is utilized (Salesforce Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected Apps > Conga Composer).

  1. Click OK on the dialog box confirming that the Salesforce refresh token has been saved. The Salesforce Refresh Token area in Conga Batch Setup now displays as Valid Token.

If the Salesforce refresh token needs to be changed to run under a different user, click the Update Salesforce Refresh Token button (pictured above). Conga Composer also displays in the Connected Apps OAuth Usage (Salesforce Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected Apps OAuth Usage).

If an end user blocks Conga Composer or revokes the token (under Salesforce Setup > Administer > Manage Apps > Connected Apps OAuth Usage), all scheduled Conga Batch records will cease to operate on a scheduled basis.

Now Conga Batch batches may be scheduled via the Schedule button on the Conga Batch record.