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Conga Support

Run Conga Batch on a Schedule

A convenient, optional feature of Conga Batch is the ability to schedule a batch process.  Scheduled Conga Batch solutions run without user initiation on a recurring, scheduled basis (such as every Monday at 8 AM). A user does not have to manually launch the batch; instead Conga Batch “looks for” batches that are queued to run on a scheduled basis and runs them automatically.  Scheduling is available only from a Conga Batch record (not a List View button).

The ability to run a batch of records on a scheduled basis without user oversight or intervention potentially poses a great risk.  For example, once scheduled, hundreds of documents, communications, and/or eSignature requests could be inadvertently sent to external recipients.  Please thoroughly test the solution and confirm it’s working correctly before scheduling it to run automatically.

For more information on setting Conga Batch to run on a schedule, see Schedule Conga Batch to Run Automatically.