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Conga Support

Create a Conga Batch Record

The Conga Batch record serves multiple purposes:

  • Provides access to the Conga Formula Builder, which automatically converts your Conga Composer button or link into a Salesforce formula field.
  • Serves as the launch point for Conga Batch batches, hence much of this guide referring to launching Conga Batch from a Conga Batch record.

To create a Conga Batch record:

  1. Click the Conga Batches tab.
  2. Click New to create a new Conga Batch record.
  3. Give your Conga Batch record a Title and optionally a Description.

  We find it helpful to include the type of delivery method (e.g. download, email, etc.), the template, and the Master Object in the Title or Description such as, “Download Proposal Oppty.” If you’re launching Conga Batch from a List View button, we recommend including “To be deleted” in the Title or Description fields, as the Conga Batch record is only used temporarily.

  1. For Conga Batch solutions that will be launched from the Conga Batch record, enter the Salesforce ID from a report or query into the corresponding field (Report Id or Query Id).

    The vast majority of the time, you will use Report Id or Query Id as the Master Object Source. However, instead of running a full batch using a report or query, you may run a single record using Record Id to test the Conga Batch solution. Otherwise, Record Id is only used in rare situations with specific requirements.

    Do not confuse the report or query you select in the Master Object Source with those that you may have referenced in your Conga Composer solution; the Conga Batch report or query is simply used to determine which records in Salesforce you wish to include in the batch operation while Conga Composer reports and queries are used to gather detail data that’s referenced on the template.

  2. Click Save.