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Conga Support

Update an Existing Conga Batch Formula Field Using the Formula Builder

The primary purpose of the Conga Formula Builder is to convert an existing Conga Composer button or link to a Salesforce formula field. However, the Formula Builder can also be used to update an existing Conga Batch formula field.

To update an existing Conga Batch formula field using the Formula Builder:

  1. Navigate to the Conga Batch record that lists the formula field you wish to update (in URL Field Name).

    The Conga Batch record must also have a value for either Report ID, Query ID, or Record ID.


  2. Click the Formula Builder tab.

    Notice the message that the button has been automatically loaded since a formula field and Report/Query/Record ID were already entered on the Conga Batch record. The Conga Composer button or link that was converted is in the left pane while the formula field it was converted to is in the right pane.


    Disable the Show Converted Formula checkbox to view the button in URL format.

  3. Click Edit Button.

    The Conga Composer button opens in edit mode in a new browser tab. 

  4. Edit the button and click Save.

  5. Return to the Formula Builder and in the Button / Link Name drop-down menu, select any other button, and then select the original button you edited above.

    This is similar to a browser refresh (alerting Formula Builder that changes were made in the button) but allows the Formula Builder to remember your place in the update process.

  6. Formula Builder notifies you that the button and formula field don’t currently match – click Update Field.

  7. Click OK on the dialog box confirming the formula field has been updated.

    The button and the formula field now match exactly and the updates are complete.