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Install Conga Batch

     Installing Conga Batch is OPTIONAL. You do not need to install Conga Batch to get started with Conga Composer. Conga Batch is an add-on to and must be installed separately from Conga Composer. Additionally, Conga Batch must be activated by the Conga support team.

Tabs in the Conga Batch managed package count against your Salesforce organization's tab limit.  Be mindful of this when installing.

To install Conga Batch:

  1. Click the appropriate link to install Conga Batch in your Salesforce environment:

    Conga Batch requires your trial to be enabled by Conga.

  2. Enter the Salesforce credentials for the instance in which you want to install Conga Batch and log in to Salesforce.

  3. Select a security level for the Conga Batch application.

    Conga recommends selecting Install for All users, as anyone who launches batched merges via through Conga Batch requires access to the Conga Batch app components.

  4. Click Install.

  5. Installation Complete! appears, confirming the Conga Batch package has been installed successfully.

  6. Click Done.

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