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Before You Begin

Prerequisite: Working Conga Composer Solution

You need a working Conga Composer solution to use Conga Batch.  Test your Composer solution to ensure all aspects of it (the template, activity logging, integrations, etc.) are working as desired.  Also, your solution must be compatible with Background Mode (but does not have to be in Background Mode).  This means you must pre-define the template(s) to use in the merge process as well as the delivery method (download, email, etc.).

You will convert this working Composer solution into a Conga Batch solution using the Conga Formula Builder. For more information on Conga Composer solutions, please see Conga Composer.

Conga Batch is an add-on to an active Conga Composer subscription and is purchased separately. The Conga Batch service must be activated by Conga before use. Please contact support to subscribe or start a free trial.

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