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Create a Batch Failure Email Notification with a Salesforce Workflow Rule

Create a Salesforce Workflow Rule to notify users if a Conga Batch process fails for certain records. 
To create a Batch Failure Email Notification: 
  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup and access Workflow Rules.
  2. Click the New Rule button to create a new Workflow Rule.
  3. Select the Scheduled Conductor History object in the Object field and click Next.clipboard_ec2ab65bf5f99d08740265408c0de55bb.png
  4. Fill out the Rule Name field.
  5. Select created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet the criteria for the Evaluation Criteria field. 
  6. Select criteria are met for the Rule Criteria.
    • Set the Field dropdown to Scheduled Conductor History: Number of Failures.
    • Set the Operator to greater than.
    • Set the Value and the Value to 0.clipboard_e0f082f04520d31f5da9692aed6b0ac58.png
  7. Click Save & Next.
  8. On Step 3, click Add Workflow Action and select New Email Alert.
  9. Fill out the Description field, Unique Name field, select a (Salesforce) Email Template
  10. Add Users to the Selected Recipients column to receive the Email Alert. 
  11. Click the Save button.

Batch Failure Email Notifications can also be accomplished using Conga Trigger and Conga Email Templates.