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Conga Support

Problem: Please contact us at 1 (303)-465-1616 for subscription details (Release 7)


Conga Batch Error Message

Conga Batch is an add-on for Conga Composer, so it requires an active Conga Composer trial or subscription. When the Conga Batch trial or subscription is active but the Conga Composer trial or subscription has expired, the following message will be displayed:

"Problem: Please contact us at +1 (303)-465-1616 for subscription details"

What to do

Please contact our support team and explain the error message you're receiving and ask for details on your Conga Composer trial or subscription. This error often occurs in a Salesforce sandbox instance where the Conga Composer subscription may not have been used in quite some time and needs to be reactivated in order for Conga Batch to run. Our support team will provide you with the necessary details for your Composer trial or subscription and will reactivate it as applicable.