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Scheduled Conga Batch Failed to Run

If your scheduled Conga Batch fails to run, the first thing to check is whether the Master Switch on the Conga Batch Setup Tab is enabled (which is required for Conga Batch schedules to run).  If it is not enabled, it is possible the Master Switch was disabled due to a Salesforce limitation in which a user can only have four OAuth tokens per application.

Why Does This Happen?

The default Launch button on the Conga Batch record Page Layout uses OAuth.  Thus, manually launching Conga Batch with this button can "kick out" the OAuth token used to run the schedule because of the limitation mentioned above.

Default launch button on the Conga Batch record

This can also happen if you click Allow too many times when generating a Composer debug URL since it also creates an OAuth token.

What to Do

One thing you can do to help ensure the Master Switch is not disabled from too many OAuth tokens being created is to change the default Launch button on the Conga Batch record to use the non-OAuth Launch button that came with the package (the one that says "APXT_BPM__Launch_Dev" when hovering over it.  See screen shot below).

To change the button:

  1. Click Edit Page Layout on the Conga Batch record.
  2. Select the Buttons section, drag the default button off the page and drag the new Launch button into the Custom Button region on the page. 
  3. Click Save. (See screen shot below).

APXT_BPM_Launch_Dev Button (non-OAuth)

Drag the non-OAuth button on the layout

When generating a debug URL, we suggest only clicking Allow when you are on the phone with a Conga Business Analyst.  If you are generating a Composer debug URL for your own use, click Deny (you can still get the debug URL, it just won't create an OAuth token).

Access Composer Debug URL