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Create Merge Fields in Mail Merge

With the View Data Workbook close at hand, you’re ready to begin creating merge fields.

For columns from the Master dataset, the Org dataset or the User dataset, create merge fields wherever you’d like them according to the instructions below.

For columns from other sheets, such as ReportData, in addition to creating the merge fields, you’ll need to place those fields within a Detail Region using TableStart and TableEnd special merge fields.

To Create a Word Merge Field in Mail Merge

  1. In Word, create or open a document to use as your template

  2. Switch to the View Data Workbook in Excel. Locate the field you’d like to use and copy the column header to the clipboard (Edit | Copy or Ctrl-C).

  3. Switch to Word and move to the location where you’d like the merge field

  4. Create the field.

    Word 2003: Insert | Field

    Word 2007/2010: Insert Ribbon | Quick Parts (Text Group) | Field

  5. In the Field Names list, choose MergeField.

  6. In the Field Name text box, paste the field name that was copied to the clipboard in step 2.

  7. Click OK. If the field just created is from a detail data set such as ReportData, you'll need to position the field within a Detail Region.

    You can display the field codes in Microsoft Word by pressing Alt-F9.

Let’s say you want to create a field for the LastName field. We’ll select the field from the View Data Workbook to copy it to the clipboard. Then, in Word, we’ll create a new merge field and paste the field name (LastName) into the “Field name:” text box.

The resulting field looks like: