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Gather Salesforce Data for Mail Merge Solutions

In Conga Mail Merge, you have several choices for searching Salesforce data. You may:

Contacts/Leads/Accounts:  If you search for Contacts, Leads or Accounts, Conga Mail Merge retrieves the desired records and makes all fields on those records available for merging.

Campaigns: If you select a Campaign, Conga Mail Merge retrieves all Contacts and Leads associated with the Campaign and likewise makes all fields on those records available for merging.

Reports: If you select a Salesforce Report as the data source, the fields available for merging depend, in part, on the columns defined in the Report. In the next section, we’ll examine several possible scenarios for defining a Report for use with Conga Mail Merge.

Conga Queries:  If Salesforce Reports aren’t available for your solution – perhaps because Reports are disabled or you’re deploying to the Partner / Customer Portal – you can use QuickMerge and Conga Queries, two custom objects available via private AppExchange listings, to achieve the same result as Salesforce Reports.

How do I search for objects other than Contacts, Leads or Accounts?

To access objects other than Contacts, Leads or Accounts, use a Salesforce Report. In doing so, you can access virtually any information in Salesforce. You can find more information about using Reports with Conga Mail Merge in the next section.