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Use Conga QuickMerge to Automate Conga Mail Merge

The Conga Suite makes it easy to generate documents of all kinds, by merging templates with your Salesforce data. Conga QuickMerge automates both Conga Mail Merge and Conga Composer operations.

In this article, you will learn how to simplify your merge processes with Conga QuickMerge.

By documenting your preferences in a QuickMerge button, you can launch your merge operations with a single mouse click.

To create a QuickMerge Link Record for Conga Mail Merge:

  1. Select the QuickMerge Links tab.

  2. Select MassMerge as the record type.

  3. Press Continue to go to the next page.

  4. In the Title field, type the name of the QuickMerge link.

  5. In the Link Type field, select – Select MassMerge.

    You can perform PointMerge (Conga Composer) or MassMerge (Conga Mail Merge) operations.

  6. In the MassMerge Settings area, complete the appropriate fields.

    • In the Template ID field, enter the Salesforce ID of the template you are using.
    • In the Report ID field, enter the Salesforce ID of the report you are using as a datasource.

    • (Optional) If you are using a custom template for the label or envelope type the Salesforce IDs in the Envelope Template ID.

    • You can choose to go through each step of the wizard or bypass it. In your usual usage, you will bypass the wizard although you may expose the steps during testing.
  7. In the Output Settings area, you can choose to:

    • Default to PDF

    • Force the output as PDF

  8. In the Log Activity Settings area, specify the settings you want to use to log the merge action.

  9. Click Save.


Once you have completed the setup you can now run QuickMerge. For each QuickMerge you add, a Launch button is created on the QuickMerge Links home page.

To run the QuickMerge Link for Conga Mailmerge:

  1. Click the appropriate QuickMerge Launch button.

    QuickMerge takes you directly to the Conga Mail Merge download page to generate your documents.