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Conga Support

Launching Conga Mail Merge from Conga QuickMerge

Conga QuickMerge is a custom object available through a private AppExchange listing, used as a launch pad for Conga Mail Merge operations.

With QuickMerge, you can streamline selections made in the Conga Mail Merge wizard, or even bypass the wizard completely. In many cases, you can download batches of documents in as few as two clicks.

Install QuickMerge into your Salesforce environment and add the custom tab to the Conga Composer application.

Then create a QuickMerge Link record that pre-defines the choices that correspond to the Conga Mail Merge wizard, including a ReportId or QueryId, TemplateIds and output parameters.  From there, launch Conga Mail Merge by clicking the Launch button, and immediately download the results.