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Conga Support

Create a Workflow Rule for Conga Trigger

To create a workflow rule for Conga Trigger:

  1. Navigate to Setup > Create > Workflow & Approvals > Workflow Rules (in Salesforce Lightning: Setup > Process Automation > Workflow Rules).
  2. Click New Rule.
  3. Complete the steps using the information below:
    1. The Object selected must be the same as the Master Object from your Conga Composer solution (the same object on which you created the Conga Trigger formula field).

    2. We recommend setting the Rule Name to “Conga Trigger [Name of Composer solution] [Output Mode]” (e.g. “Conga Trigger Invoice Email).

    3. We recommend setting the Evaluation Criteria to created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria. However, you may select another option depending on your requirements.  See the Warning below for further details.

    4. You may create a new field (for example, a checkbox called Conga Trigger Trigger) or leverage an existing field (such as Opportunity Stage) in the criteria of your Conga Trigger rule.

In the example above, the Salesforce workflow rule runs when the Opportunity Stage field is changed to “Closed Won,” which then initiates Conga Trigger.  Conga Trigger creates an invoice document, attaches it to an email, and sends that email to the Opportunity’s Primary Contact.

The ability to merge and send a document without user oversight or intervention potentially poses a great risk.  Remember that every time the Salesforce workflow rule fires, the Conga Trigger process runs as well, meaning the merged output file will be generated, which can have far-reaching implications, such as an infinite loop.


For example, assume your Salesforce workflow rule is set to evaluate every time a record is edited and you’re using a checkbox field as the rule criteria (e.g. “Conga Trigger Trigger equals true”).  If you don’t include an additional field update workflow action to disable the checkbox field after Conga Trigger fires, then a document will be generated every time the record is edited.


Please thoroughly test your solution and confirm it’s working correctly before deploying it fully.

Add an Outbound Message workflow action to the Salesforce workflow rule.

  1. We recommend setting the Name of the outbound message as “Conga Trigger [Name of Composer solution] [Output Mode]” (e.g. “Conga Trigger Invoice Email). Optionally, include a Description as well.
  2. Endpoint URL is:
  3. User to Send As is the user under whose authority Conga Trigger will run. The User to Send As should have a custom or standard System Administrator profile and a Composer license.  Ensure that this user is active and has access to all of the components used in the Conga Trigger solution (e.g. reports, queries, objects, fields, email privileges, eSignature privileges) as well as access to the Conga Trigger formula field.
  4. Send Session ID must be enabled.
  5. Selected Fields must include the Master Object ID (Id) and the Conga Trigger formula field.
  1. Activate the Salesforce workflow rule by clicking Activate

    The Active checkbox enables and the Activate button changes to Deactivate.

Test the Conga Trigger solution.