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About Conga Trigger


Conga Trigger can initiate a Conga Composer solution, thus enabling the creation and delivery of a document without direct user interaction. Using Conga Trigger in this manner is intended as a substitute for manually clicking a Composer button, essentially automating Conga Composer.

Conga Workflow provides total automation without requiring user interaction

Conga Trigger gives you the ability to distribute merged output as:

  • Email attachments

  • eSignature documents (Conga Sign, DocuSign and Adobe eSign)

  • Salesforce record attachments, Content, Documents or Chatter

Conga Trigger is NOT intended for processing many simultaneous requests due to Salesforce API constraints.

You may not use Conga Trigger to trigger a Conga Batch® batch or any other sort of batch operation.


How Does it Work?

Conga Trigger is initiated by Salesforce workflow rules.  Conga Trigger uses an Outbound Message workflow action to launch the specified Conga Composer process:

The steps involved in configuring Conga Trigger are listed below.

  1. Convert a working Conga Composer solution to a Salesforce formula field using the Conga Formula Builder.

  2. Create a Salesforce workflow rule that will initiate Conga Trigger.

  3. Add an outbound message action to the Salesforce workflow rule.

  4. Activate the Salesforce workflow rule.

  5. Test to ensure everything is working properly.

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