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Conga Support

The Conga Trigger Dashboard Tab

The Conga Trigger Dashboard tab monitors Conga Trigger events and lists errors for any records that failed to process.


1 The Conga Trigger Dashboard tab.
2 Org ID displays the Salesforce Organization ID.
3 24-Hour Limit is the number of Conga Trigger service events allowed per 24 hour period according to your Conga Trigger subscription and configuration.
4 Expires displays the Conga Trigger subscription expiration date.
5 Alert Percent is the percentage of usage. The system sends an email to the participant listed in the Email Alert To field when that percentage is reached.
6 The Usage Detail (Last 24 Hours) area displays details of the Conga Trigger events that ran successfully in the last 24 hours.
7 Conga Trigger Usage Status displays the number of Conga Trigger service events that have been consumed as well as the total number allowed per 24 hour period.
8 The Error List area displays details of records that have failed to run in Conga Trigger in the last 24 hours.
  • The Record Id column displays the Master Object ID of the record within a Conga Batch batch that failed.
  • The Error column displays the error message, providing details of why that particular record failed.