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Conga Support

Before You Begin: Conga Trigger

You should be generally familiar with Salesforce workflow. In particular, you should know how modifying a field on a record can trigger Salesforce workflow to perform an action, such as sending an Outbound Message.

Conga Trigger is an add-on to an active Conga Composer subscription and is purchased separately. The service must be activated by Conga before use. Please contact support to subscribe or start a free trial.


  1. A working Conga Composer solution is required to use Conga Trigger.  Ensure this Composer solution has been fully tested and that all aspects of it (the template, activity logging, integrations, etc.) are working as desired. 

  2. Salesforce workflow is required in order to use Conga Trigger. Salesforce workflow is not included with all Salesforce editions.  Please check the details of your Salesforce edition to ensure you have access to Salesforce workflow.